How about combining pedantry with pragmatism and a Plan B? Let's get the word out and get it done - and most importantly: Let's make it fun!

Who I am


What I do


Why I do it

I am an editorial project manager and educational consultant with an organized mind, a sharp pen and international expertise in deadline-driven, multilingual work environments.



I supervise, commission, design, edit and evaluate the production of multimodal digital content that is informative, instructive and entertaining.



I have an eye for detail, a knack for writing and a passion for education being fun. A motivated learner is a more efficient learner, and let's be honest: Who has time to waste?



Work Experience

Senior Content Editor at Talent Inc., Jun 2019 to present

Language Coach at Mango Languages, Jan 2019 to Jul 2019

Web Content Writer at Intriguing Ideas, Oct 2018 to present

Content Editor & Project Lead at Bonnier Education, Oct 2015 to Jun 2019

Educator at ABC German Language School & Eastside German Language School (EGLS), Aug 2014 to Jun 2015

Educator at Ekillaskolan, Oct 2011 to Jul 2013

Office Manager at Bundeskriminalamt, Mar 2009 to Nov 2011

Customer Service Representative at German Embassy Stockholm, Aug 2007 to Mar 2009

Language Specialist at Comsense Company Solutions, Nov 2002 to Jul 2007


Higher Education

MicroMaster, Maryland University University College, 2018 to present

Instructional Design and Technology

Master of Arts (M.A.), University of Linköping, 2014

Education, Teaching License Upper Compulsory School

Master of Arts (M.A.), University of Osnabrück, 2004

English Language and Literature, German Language and Literature, Media Studies

Advanced Studies in Swedish as a Second Language, University of Västerås, 2001 to 2002

Advanced Studies in English Language Arts, University of Lund, 2000

Advanced Media Studies (Film, Radio Broadcasting), Community Colleague Lund, 2000

Advanced Studies in Public Relations, Psychology, Media, University of Örebro, 1998 to 1999



LDT200x: Instructional Design Models

University of Maryland University College (US), 2019

LDT300x: Instructional Design: Digital Media, New Tools and Technology

University of Maryland University College (US), 2018

LDT 100x: Instructional Design and Technology: Learning Theories

University of Maryland University College (US), 2019

ENCE607.5x: Agile for Project Control

University of Maryland University College (US), ongoing



A study of pupils' attitudes towards information and communication technologies (ICT) in foreign language teaching at Secondary level
M.A. Thesis, Linköping University, 2015

Cowboys and Krauts: German-American perceptions and misperceptions in editorial cartoons from both nations
M.A. Thesis, Osnabrück University, 2002

Jugendliche und ihre Sprache – Sprachregister, Jugendkulturen und Wertesysteme. Empirische Studien
Empirical study about youth language register, Westdeutscher Verlag, 1998


Core Competencies

Project Management

Quality Assurance

Content Architecture

Translation & Localization

Instructional Design

Curriculum Development

Performance Evaluation

Mentoring & Coaching



Maja Klingenberg Hansen, Team Lead at Clio by Bonnier Education

Anna Klockar, Educational Strategist and Founder of Skolbyrån

Victoria Samuelsson, Senior Project Manager at LanguageWire

Ellinor Nordström, Nordic Channel Marketing Manager at Microsoft

Simon Linter, Copywriter at Podobi AB

Ting Jennifer Yiu, Publishing Manager at Educations Media Group



So, what’s the secret sauce?

A relentless passion for what I do, a healthy dose of pedantry to make sure it gets done right, some good-natured pragmatism to make it work, and a touch of perfectionism that will not let me rest until I have done the absolutely best work possible under any given circumstances.

No excuses. Just progress.




It has been an absolute joy to work with Julia. She is easygoing, yet professional and very good at what she does.
— Ellinor Nordström, Microsoft
Julia is professional editor whose efficiency and passion for her work make her one of the best editors I have worked with.
— Simon Linter, Sveriges Radio
Julia is a very driven and determined person who always goes above and beyond. She always makes sure everyone is on the same page by communicating exactly where on the timeline a project is.
— Victoria Samuelsson, LanguageWire
Julia is a very professional colleague and team leader. If you want things done - ask Julia, and she will do an excellent work, fast and accurate.
— Anna Klockar, Skolbyrån
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Julia over a number of years, and it has been an undivided pleasure. Julia is enthusiastic about her work and devotes tremendous effort to it.
— Lasse Danegod, Bonnier Education
Julia is an exacting and dedicated editor, someone who is goal-oriented, enthusiastic and simply a wonderful person to work with.
— Ting Jennifer Yiu, Educations Media Group
Julia is an extremely hard-working, efficient and resourceful person. She is very organized and keeps track of everything from small tasks to big projects – at the same time she is very creative, which is evident in the content she creates.
— Maja Klingenberg Hansen, Bonnier Education
Julia has great work ethics, an extreme energy and a vivid and creative personality.
— Heine Carlsen, Bonnier Education
Julia vägledde sitt team på bästa sätt genom hela projektet. Hon har en hög organisatorisk förmåga och goda ledaregenskaper.
— Nathalie Sandstedt, Skolverket


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